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Hand & Feet Mask:

Hand & foot mask coats the skin with a thicker layer of product for an extended period of sometime (usually three to five minutes). This allows the product’s key ingredients to truly penetrate the skin and absorb into its top layers. Masks are occlusive, and sometimes water-resistant, formulas that employ at hydrating the skin, allowing it to feel smooth and soft. It’s important to rejuvenate the skin by exposing it to ingredients that will be placed on the market to still turn over dead layers additionally as maintain a healthy state. Hand & foot masks are loaded with anti-oxidants and skin restoration ingredients, this hand & feet mask softens, rejuvenates, and brightens skin to a youthful appearance. Hand & feet masks are excellent at delivering much-needed moisture to your hands. And you already know that your skin needs moisture so on sustain its elasticity and stay soft, supple, and delightful. Hopefully, now you’re convinced that your hands deserve some extra care.


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