Brightening Face Freshner helps to remove all the excess make up and dirt left behind after washing the face thoroughly without drying the skin.

Pour Brightening Face Freshner onto a cotton wool pad and stroke gently over the skin after cleansing.

• Morus alba: Extract from the roots of the white mulberry tree; inhibits tyrosinase and stabilizes it in its
inactive form

• Plant extract consisting of Siegesbeckia orientalis and Rabdosia rubescens; inhibits melanin absorption into the
keratinocytes, has a soothing and antioxidant effect, promotes an even, radiant complexion

• Glycerin: Moisturizing and skin-smoothing

• Aloe vera: Soothing, skin-clarifying, moisture-boosting

• Allantoin: Regenerating and soothing

100% cruelty free
Alcohol Free
Opens Clogged Pores
Gently Cleanse the skin
Removes impurities, Makeup residues from the deepest layer of skin


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