Anti-aging 24K Gold Cleanser:

24K Gold Cleanser this creamy exfoliating cleanser boosts radiance and brightens the texture level by deep cleansing the skin.

A unique and revolutionary gold activator designed to dissolve 24K pure gold leaves in skin. It encourages cell turnover and maintains skin’s elasticity without making the skin dry or rough.

It revives the inner layers of skin, replenishes and restores radiance. It penetrates deep inside, provides nourishment and improves blood circulation which imparts a long lasting metallic look to skin and rejuvenating youthful experience.

Anti-aging 24K Gold Cleanser with Illuminating Gold is an anti-aging cleanser that helps combat against wrinkles, lines and age spots.  Slows collagen depletion and improves skins elasticity.

Slows collagen depletion and improves skin elasticity.

Cool and Refreshing cleanser.



Morus alba: White mulberry tree root extract

Fatty alcohol ethoxylates: Non-ionic tensides, emulsify water- and 24K gold particles,Purified water, Butyl glycol, Silk Amino Acids, Ceramides, Codium Tomentosum Extracts, Hydrolyzed Collagen, LEONTOPODIUM ALPINUM Extract,



Apply anti-aging 24K Gold Cleanser over the face and neck and massage with the fingertips in circular motions.

Remove with lukewarm water.


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